N2 Pc Professional Gaming Headset - Black 3.5Mm
N2 Pc Professional Gaming Headset
N2 Pc Professional Gaming Headset
N2 Pc Professional Gaming Headset
N2 Pc Professional Gaming Headset
N2 Pc Professional Gaming Headset
N2 Pc Professional Gaming Headset
N2 Pc Professional Gaming Headset - Black Usb

N2 PC Professional Gaming Headset

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a close up of a traffic light
Lightweight steel ribbon / cortical earmuffs
Soft TPU leather Earcup with good air permeability 
Good sound insulation enable you to focus and immerse yourself completely in the gaming world! 
Rotary volume adjuster housed on the ear cups
Head beam design 
Light double steel head beam design,ergonomically designed to fit your head perfectly and reduce all the unwanted fatigue. Now you can game comfortably! 
Dynamic 50mm unit 3D Sound effect
Superb stereo driver enable you to immerse yourself in the stereo surround sound effect and to let you hear all the small details like footsteps, gunshot and more! .This earphone will certainly give you a lively 3D experience
Independent sound card

Built-in surround independent sound card


Powerful independent sound card enhance the spatial three-dimensional effect, it can also reduce all the static noises. 


Independent sound card  

Non-independent sound card 


3D Sound effect

Smaller sound range, single sound line


Does not rely on host sound card, stable, harmonious and efficient

Over-reliance on the host sound card, unstable performance


Stereo sound surrounds, better identifying directions

High, medium ,low frequency sound is not obvious


Eliminating current noise caused by voltage instability, etc.

Noise will be generated when the voltage is unstable


More volume and more coordination

Weak volume lacks a sense of hierarchy


Using different audio interfaces with better compatibility

3.5mm and USB meet your actual scene usage requirements
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Package contents:

  • 1x NUBWO N2 Gaming Headsets
  • 1x User Manual 
  • 1x PC extension cable  
  • 1x Mic Windscree
1.Dual 50mm drivers provide a crisp, rich and distortion free sound. Resonating bass offers a full range-listening experience. Strong bass, crystal clear audio, 
2.Noise-canceling microphone , perfectly captures the user’s voice and simultaneously eliminates unwanted background noises. Humanized mic cover and mute control on the microphone ensure you are heard anytime you want.
3.The suspension style headband automatically conforms to the user’s head and is designed for comfort during long periods of use. The memory foam ear cups seal out unwanted noises, yet fit very ergonomically around the ears.
4.Rotary volume adjuster housed on the ear cups for convenient use.1.6 meters of tangle free braided wiring ensures longevity and no audio quality loss.
5.Versatile Compatibility – Works great with new Xbox One controller with the 3.5mm jack, PS4 Pro and PS4, as well as PC, Mac, and more.
Model:  N2
Driver diameter: ø50mm
Sensitivity: 104±3dB
Impedance: 32Ω±15%
Frequency range: 20~20000 Hz
MIC dimension: ø6.0x2.7mm
MIC sensitivity: -38±3dB
Mic impedance: 2.2KΩ
Headset interface: 3.5mm
Cable length: 1.6 meters