What's The Perfect Size For A Power Bank

What's The Perfect Size For A Power Bank

Does Size Really Matter....? Yes It Does!

If you are like me and you are tired of carrying around power banks that weighs like a brick, then you would be happy to know that I have found the perfect fast charging mini power bank for my everyday needs. The problem with high capacity power banks these days is that they tend to be very heavy and bulky.

I have explored several smaller options such as the Anker powercore which was once my go to power bank until I stumbled across the Pixy Mini and Pixy Go during their Kickstarter campaign. Although it only has a smaller capacity of 5000mAh, it's as small as a lipstick but packs a tons of features which we would normally overlook in a type c power bank and would honestly surprise you.

One of the things that shocked me was it's size and weight. I was expecting it to be small but not as small as a Zippo Lighter which I can say might be the first fast charging 5,000 mah power bank to ever achieve. It doesn't have built in cables like some of the other smaller power banks out in the market but I can see why they chose not to include them. I barely noticed it even though Pixy Mini is with me, either in my coat pocket or bag everyday. This makes Pixy Mini the perfect edc power bank.

Powerful For It's Size


One of the most important factors is the charging speed in which Pixy Mini have done well with its 20W fast charging which charges your phone from 0-60% in just 30 minutes, along with other larger devices such as Nintendo Switch, tablets and even iPad Air.  A feature which is not always thought of or mention is the input speed at which a portable charger charges. Pixy Mini has an impressive 18W USB C input which means you can recharge Pixy Mini twice as fast as any standard power bank and have it ready every time you need it.

Why Not Charge Two Devices At Once

It also features dual output with a USB C port and USB A port so you are able to charge two devices at a time which a really convenient if you and your friend both need a little battery top up after a day out. 


Pass Through & Daisy Chain Charging

Impressive as it is, Pixy Mini also offers additional features which I would have never thought of such as daisy chaining and pass through charging where you are able to charge Pixy Mini via it's USB-C Input while also charging another device via it's USB A output. This is now a must-have feature for me as now I can charge my power bank and my phone at the same time and have both ready and juiced up the next morning. Definitely an underrated feature! 

Overall, Pixy Mini is definitely one of, if not the best miniature EDC power banks out in the market right now with its fast charging speeds, dual output capability and useful pass through charging features!

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