Warranty period:

    Zeus-X and Zeus-X Pro cable purchased through online have 2 years warranty starting from date of purchase.

    Pixy Mini and Pixy Go Power Bank purchased through online have 1 year warranty starting from date of purchase.

    Consumer will receive a confirmation e-mail on their purchase. They are required to keep it as proof of purchase.

    In case of problem with the cable: please contact Futurizta via e-mail support@futurizta.com or via online chat on our website.

    In the email, please provide a picture/video of the faulty product as evidence.

    Futurizta Tech will contact you for detailed information regarding the replacement of the defect cable. Please note that administrative fee or shipping fees might be charge according to your country.

    A new cable may be shipped to the buyer upon presentation of a dated proof of purchase issued by Futurizta Tech.

    Possible device issues

      You may be entitled to a replacement if your cable:

      • Doesn’t charge your devices properly.
      • Has trouble during data transfer.
      • Any other defects or if you consider the cable is not of acceptable quality or not compliant with the conditions given to you
      Warranty exclusions

        Over time, products become worn and obsolete, and materials and parts may wear down or may become unusable due to technological advances. Taking these factors into account we have assessed that the reasonable lifespan of the accessories is 2 years from the original date of purchase. It's also worth remembering that most manufacturers’ warranties apply only to the original purchaser and are not transferable.

        Consumers are not entitled to a replacement, or refund if:

        • The cable got wet and stopped working.
        • You lost it, it was stolen, or you don’t have it anymore.
        • Product defectiveness occurred after the warranty coverage period agreed
        • Customer's failure to comply with the product instructions, or to comply with precautionary advice provided with the Product by Futurizta Tech.
        • Customer's failure to maintain the Product in a suitable environment, including but not limited to, any failure to ensure the adequacy of a power supply or provide an adequate power supply, or allowing the Product to be affected or damaged by inappropriate substances, such as liquids, humidity or dirt.
        • Product defectiveness is caused by a natural disaster (earthquake, fire, natural electrical discharge/lightning, flood, etc)
        • Buyer simply changed their mind.
        • Buyer no longer require due to changed personal circumstances
        • Buyer found the product cheaper somewhere else
        • the goods are damaged due to misuse
        Shipping and Warranty
        • Customer qualified for a replacement are responsible to pay for the freight fee.
        • Return is not required to save customer shipping cost.
        • Please note that customers are responsible for all freight charges for re-deliveries, incorrect delivery details and these are added to the invoice total.