Futuriza Zeus-X 6-in-1 Cable is Here to Change the Game!

Futuriza Zeus-X 6-in-1 Cable is Here to Change the Game!

Tech accessory leader Futurizta Tech is bringing device cables to the next level with the new Zeus-X 6-in-1 Cable, the World's First 6-in-1 Universal cable with Apple Fast Charging Support.

 Zeus-X cable

September 7, 2020

Futurizta Tech has built a remarkable reputation as a tech accessory company that delivers exceptional cutting-edge products, often introduced with a crowdfunding campaign. After a great deal of anticipation, the company recently announced its next project is launching soon. On September 7th, 2020, Futurizta Tech launches a Kickstarter campaign for its new “Zeus-X Cable - the World’s first 6-in-1 multicable with Apple fast charging support”. It is an innovative 6-in-1 fast- charging cable designed for tech users around the world who desires simplicity without sacrificing any great features. Zeus-X is like a swiss army knife cable that is proven capable to charge 95% of USB gadgets we own in our everyday lives. Pre-orders through the crowdfunding campaign get a discount, with super early bird backers having the chance to obtain the cable for only $12, which is reserved for the first 100 backers.  The enthusiasm surrounding the new cable is high and rising.


“We saw the increasing demand for an even better cable than our last which was extremely popular,” said Alex J.J, Founder of Futurizta Tech. “This is all about making our lives easier with the latest tech. Imagine having just one universal cable to charge your laptop, smartphone, wireless headphone and basically everything, isn’t that perfect? As more and more items and accessories are powered these days, not many people realized that cables have become an important everyday need that charges and connects the world around us. We built Zeus-X cable in mind to “futurize” people’s life by providing the perfect all-in-one fast charging cable so they can say goodbye to their slow, fragile and messy cables.”


According to Futurizta Tech, the “Zeus-X 6-In-1 Cable” is designed to be the one and only cable a user would need while on the road, traveling, at work, and many other common circumstances. Some highlights of its features include it being multifunctional; strong and durable; 18W Apple Fast Charge; 60W Power Delivery; QC 3.0; 480mb/s high-speed data transfer; and a next-gen Smart Chip.


The 18W Apple Fast Charge can bring a fast charge compatible iPhone from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes, which is almost 300% faster than previous models. Thanks to its unique Powershare feature, users can also charge their phone easily with other user’s phone with this cable, which can be very handy during emergencies.


The cable itself which went through extensive durability tests is made to exceptionally high standards. It is the first Calico Fabric braided cable which provides unparalleled strength and durability. This innovative cable allows use under any situation and nearly any environment.


“I believe the important aspect with advancement of technology is incorporating it as part of your everyday life, so you don’t really even notice it. That is exactly what the Zeus-X cable provides, a major quality of life improvement and ease of mind” said Nigel.C, Sales Manager of Futurizta Tech.


Tech enthusiasts are encouraged to act quickly on the limited time only offer as soon as it launches.


For more information be sure to visit their Kickstarter Page


About Futurizta Tech

We, Futurizta initially started as a platform for exploring and sharing our passion for new tech and gadgets. Since the success of our first campaign, we have expanded our business operations globally with fulfilment centers in US, Australia and Japan. Futurizta Tech is also a proud member of Amazon’s Launchpad program where successful innovative startups are acknowledged. Our company’s vision and goal are simple, to “futurize” your life by connecting you with innovative gadgets that makes life easier and convenient.


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