The Only One That Defines Universal Cable

The Only One That Defines Universal Cable

What do we want in a perfect cable? For the average people, this question probably wont even cross your mind but power users like me who owns multiple different tech and would like the perfect all in one cable for all my stuff? You can bet it’s always in my mind, always looking for the cable with the versatility of multiple adapters, the fastest charging and data transfer speed and the premium built so I don’t have to worry about it failing.

Now Zeus-X Pro encompasses everything we have ever dreamt of a Universal Cable. If we are speaking in terms of music then Zeus-X Pro would be the perfect symphony. Let’s talk about what makes it one of, if not the best Universal Multicable on the market right now.

What Makes A Universal Cable….Universal?

For a cable to somewhat universal, it has to at least have the basic adapters such as Type C, Lightning and maybe Micro USB. Now you see that on most Universal Cables but what you don’t see but often need is a Type-C to USB A on the input end. Now Futurizta goes the extra mile with their cables by having a USB 3.1 Gen 2 USB-A on the other end of our typical adapters. It is rarely seen and might even be the only company that makes them. In my opinion, it makes the cable truly Universal, and it is a welcomed feature on Universal Cables that’s never seen.

Switching between the different adapters is easy and can be done within seconds, the adapters feel well built and easily snaps into place every time. Zeus-X Pro has a main Type-C head with Lightning and Micro-USB adapters integrated. The adapters are also designed to be slidable to if you are using Type C, you can slide the other adapters out of the way to avoid discomfort if you are using it while charging, a feature that I don’t see other cables have.


How Fast Is Fast?

With 25-60W being the norm now, my question is how fast is fast for a Universal Cable. I have no answer to that question, but I would say 100W PD on the Zeus-X Pro is pretty dang fast. I have both the iPhone 13 and Samsung’s S22 Ultra which both took approximately 30 minutes to charge it from 0-50%.
When it comes it charging, one of the perks of having a 100W cable is that you can fast charge your larger devices as well, such as MacBook, Type C laptops, Microsoft Surface Books and more. Now you need only one cable for your smartphones, speakers, cameras and laptops. It really doesn’t get more convenient than that.


A Cable That Saves You Money?

If time to you is money, then Zeus-X Pro is technically a money saver. Hear me out, Zeus-X Pro features a 10GBPS data transfer speed and for someone who is constantly working with large files, this is a huge time/money saver. As we enter the age of 4k, 8k and even 12K videos, transferring large files with a standard multi cable feels like forever. Zeus-X Pro is the solution where it only takes seconds to transfer something compared to minutes and even hours on other cables. Not to mention it even has the ability to stream 4k 60HZ video to your monitor or TV, now how impressive is that? Now whenever I’m travelling, I will just hook my Nintendo Switch up to the hotel room TV to pass time, all with just the one cable that I use for charging my mobile, laptop and data transferring.


A Cable That Is Built To Last

One of the things I look at before purchasing a cable is the built quality, because a good cable no matter how good it is, has to be able to withstand heavy usage. Zeus-X Pro is one the best looking cables that features a spacecraft inspired design with military grade braided cable with premium metallic constructed adapters.

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