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Futurizta 5-in-1 Universal Charging Cable


[Life Changing 5-in-1 Multi-interface Connector] - Lightning, USB-C, Micro-USB interfaces compatible with 99% electronic gadgets on the market e.g. Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Macbook, Nitendo Switch , Huawei, Wireless Speaker, Power Bank etc. You will always have the right cable with you!

[Futuristic USB C-A on other end] - Connect/Charge your device directly to the latest USB-C laptop/charger such as Macbook, HP Spectre etc. You can now connect your iPhone directly to your Macbook without a dongle!  USB-A adapter allows you to use it with your conventional charger and PC.

[Ultimate Durability & Tangle-Free] - Reinforced with Aluminum Alloy combined with Military Grade Nylon provides up to 10,000+ bend lifespan to withstand your everyday wear and tear. Anti-Tangle Technology allow you to use your cable straightaway with ease! Backed with 1-year hassle-free warranty!

[Fast & Smart Charging] - Built in smart chip automatically regulate charging current to provide fast and reliable charging. Charge up to 300% faster with enjoy fast data Transfer up to 480mb/s. Support QC2.0, QC3.0, PD and Samsung Fast Charging

[Ultra Fast Charging with Power Delivery] - Support Up To 20V/3A - 60W Power Delivery for USB-C laptop charging e.g Macbook, Surface Book 2, HP Spectre etc.


One Cable to Rule Them All

The only cable you will ever need for all your gadgets. Providing convenience alongside you with its extreme versatility and durability throughout every exciting adventure, business trips and life’s journey!

Futurizta Cable Specification

Featured on UrAvgConsumer Youtube channel with 2.9 million subscriber! 

"This thing pretty much covers everything" 

"A nice braided cable"

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The Only Cable You'll ever need!

Futurizta Cable is equipped with Micro-USB, Lightning and USB-C interfaces which allow you to charge 99% devices on the market. This include iPhone,Samsung, Google Pixel, Nintendo Switch, Powerbank, Wireless Speaker, E-Cigarette and most USB-powered devices.


Switch between USB-C and USB-A freely to adapt to your charging needs! Charge and connect your devices directly to USB-C laptop such as Macbook, HP Spectre etc. Support 60W Power Delivery to fast charge your USB-C laptop! 

Military Grade Durability & Anti-Tangle Technology

Futurizta Cable is equipped with Military Weaved Nylon Wire to provide extreme durability with up to 10,000 bending lifespan. It is also engineered to be tangle-free so you can always use it straightaway! All our cables comes with a hassle-free 1-year warranty. 

Smart & Fast Charging with 60W Power Delivery

Futurizta's cable has a build-in smart chip which provide a safe and fast charging by automatically monitoring and regulating the power output, providing you with a peace of mind while charging your gadgets.

It is compatible with multiple fast charge protocol such as QC2.0, QC3.0, Power Delivery up to 60W and data transfer up to 480mb/s. With a compatible Quick Charge 3.0 charger and smartphone, you could hit up to 80% in as little as 35 minutes !

Unparalleled Inner Structure

Our cable utilized 108 highest purity copper cores which allow it to carry more current to provide accelerated fast charging up to 300% (3A) faster than conventional charging cable!

Phone to phone charging

Forgot your power bank? No worries! With Futurizta cable, You can now charge your phone with  your buddy’s phone! 

Phone to Camera data transfer

View/Transfer your pictures and videos from your camera directly to your Android Smartphone! 

External Accessories Support

Connect USB accessories such as mouse or keyboard to your smartphone and use it like a computer!  

USB-C Compatibility

Own a USB-C laptop or charger? Chimera allows you to connect your devices directly without a dongle or adaptor. This will be the perfect cable for Macbook user to connect their peripherals easily!