Review of Futurizta’s 5-in-1 Chimera USB Cable

Review of Futurizta’s 5-in-1 Chimera USB Cable

Futurizta’s 5-in-1 Chimera USB Cable

"The Best All-In-One Charging Cable"

Imagine the gadgets you own in your daily life: smartphone you are constantly checking on, power bank as one of the necessity in your bag, camera you bring along on your vacation and laptop to work on the go – you always have plenty of charging cables in your bag. Every day, power users tote along with the assortment of power adapters, batteries as well as cables, and each of these accessories has its own charging interface different from each other. Likewise, once the smartphone runs out of battery, they are nothing but a pricey dead phone. Powered-up phone and devices are all you need.

Fortunately, with Futurizta’s 5-in-1 Chimera USB Cable, you are able to charge your gadgets whether you are at home, on the road, in a café or whenever you are on the move. This is one of the best universal charging cable that comes in handy and makes your life easier.

Ultimate Versatility

Your daily essentials: Futurizta’s USB-C, Lightning and Micro USB cables

The design of Chimera USB Cable is simple. Attached to the end are Lightning, Type-C and Micro USB as well as USB C and USB C-A  adapter on the other end. When you head out or go on a vacation, this cable can simply make your luggage more organized as you can leave all your other cables and adapters at home. No matter what devices or gadgets you are using, Chimera cable got you covered. You can charge your tablet, digital camera, Nintendo Switch or wireless headphones etc. Say goodbye to your annoying-messy-tangling cables!

Review of Futuriztas 5-in-1 Chimera USB Cable

Tough and Durable

Another highlight which makes Chimera a go-to cable is its extra toughness, stiffness and durability. Cables are normally vulnerable through rough use and break easily. By braiding it with nylon reinforced wire, Chimera cable is sturdy, free from tangling and fraying with intense use. In case of any defects, Futurizta also has you covered with a generous 12-month warranty.

Review of Futuriztas 5-in-1 Chimera USB Cable

Fast charging and data transfer

The best part of this cable is that it can handle ultra-fast charging, not to mention data syncing which guarantees high stability, speed and security.  The Chimera is promised to be 140% faster charging than other conventional cables in the market! If you are concern with safety problems with more connections within a cable, Futurizta is capable to put you at ease with the built-in internal smart chip within the cable. The custom built-in internal smart chip within the cable is designed to boosts and secure connections during charging and data syncing. . Power-user can order the Futurizta Cable which is capable of supporting 60W power delivery for laptop charging.

Best all in one cable


Doubtless, we can see that most of the current leading large tech companies such as Google, Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Nintendo are moving into the USB-C future. Despite USB-C will become the dominant overtime and in the meantime, the world still runs the regular reliable USB-A, Chimera has future-proofed itself. The state of the art design, extreme durability and multiple interfaces of the cable make it one of the best cables on the market right now.


Chimera 5-in-1 Cable is now live on Kickstarter! You can order it here!


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