Join us again! Unleash the Future Of Charging with Our New Kickstarter Campaign

Join us again! Unleash the Future Of Charging with Our New Kickstarter Campaign

Zeus-X Go Ultra : Fastest 6-in-1 240W USB 3.2 Keychain Cable

We wanted to reach out to our incredible supporters from our previous campaigns and share some thrilling news. We're thrilled to announce that we're back with our third crowdfunding campaign, and we can't wait for you to be a part of it once again!

As a valued backer, you've witnessed firsthand the tremendous strides we've made in revolutionizing charging technology. From our humble beginnings to now, we've consistently pushed boundaries and brought cutting-edge innovations to the market. And now, we're ready to take the next leap forward!

Our latest campaign introduces an even more remarkable product: the Zeus-X GO Ultra. Building upon the success of our previous multicable, we've listened to your feedback and refined every aspect to bring you an unparalleled charging experience. Packed with advanced features and unrivaled performance, this multicable is set to redefine how you power up your devices.

With lightning-fast 240W charging speeds, our Zeus-X GO Ultra will astonish you. Imagine effortlessly charging your smartphone, tablet, or any other device in a matter of minutes. No more waiting around for hours, just a few precious moments are all it takes to have your devices ready to go. It's a game-changer, and we want you to be among the first to experience it.

As a returning backer, you are already familiar with our commitment to quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service. By supporting our new Kickstarter campaign, you not only secure yourself a future-proof solution but also become an integral part of our journey towards shaping the future of charging technology.

But that's not all! We have some exclusive rewards and perks reserved especially for our loyal backers. By backing us again, you'll gain access to early bird discounts, and special backer-only updates. You've been with us from the start, and we want to express our gratitude by providing you with the best possible experience.

So, let's make history once more! Join us in this new chapter of innovation and be at the forefront of the charging revolution. Your support has been instrumental in getting us this far, and we genuinely appreciate your belief in our vision.

Click Zeus-X GO Ultra : World's Fastest 240W USB3.1 Multicable to visit our campaign page and secure your pledge. Together, we can empower the future with unrivaled charging solutions.

Thank you for being part of our journey, and we look forward to your continued support!

Warm regards,


CEO Of Futurizta Tech

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