Zeus-X Go Ultra 6-in-1 Universal Cable
Zeus-X Go Ultra 6-in-1 Universal Cable
Zeus-X Go Ultra 6-in-1 Universal Cable
Zeus-X Go Ultra 6-in-1 Universal Cable
Zeus-X Go Ultra 6-in-1 Universal Cable
Zeus-X Go Ultra 6-in-1 Universal Cable
Zeus-X Go Ultra 6-in-1 Universal Cable
Zeus-X Go Ultra 6-in-1 Universal Cable
Zeus-X Go Ultra 6-in-1 Universal Cable
Zeus-X Go Ultra 6-in-1 Universal Cable

Zeus-X Go Ultra 6-in-1 Universal Cable

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  • 20,000+ units sold on Kickstarter
  • 2 Years International Warranty
  • Patented Adapter Mechanism
  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Inventory on the way
  • [6-in-1 Universal Compatibility] - Features Lightning (iPhone), USB-C, and Micro-USB connectors. Capable of fast charging a wide range of electronic devices.
  • [Ergonomic Design & Ultimate Durability] - Zinc alloy shell and ergonomic 180° swivel & 360° rotate mechanism ensure durability and ease of use.
  • [240W Power Delivery & USB 3.1 Support] - Ultra-fast charging and high-speed data transfer, cutting charging time by up to 50%.
  • [DP-Alt Mode] - Easily cast/mirror your screen to a compatible USB-C Monitor. (Just like HDMI cable)
  • [Advanced Safety Features] - Includes E-Mark Smart Chip for secure, efficient charging and PowerShare for emergency power transfer between devices.
  • [Anti-Tangle & Hassle-Free Design] - Unique anti-tangle technology keeps the cable knot-free and ready for use, ensuring smooth and efficient charging.
  • [Convenient Portability] - Compact keychain design makes it easy to carry, ensuring you always have the right cable at hand for any device.
  • [Versatile Usage & Connectivity] - Suitable for tech enthusiasts, supports Android Auto and Apple Carplay, and offers enhanced data transfer rates for professionals.
  • USB Specification: USB 3.1 Gen 2 (USB-C to USB-C) 
  • Fast Charging Protocol: QC4.0/QC3.0, PPS, PD 3.0 240W, Samsung Fast Charging, Apple 27W Fast Charging.
  • Supported Video Transmission: Support USB-C DP Alt-Mode up to 4K 60Hz
  • Data Transfer: 10Gbps
  • Support Android Auto and Apple Carplay


This cable is compatible with 99% electronic devices on the market:

  • USB-C: Samsung, Google Pixel, OnePlus, DJI Drone, GoPro, Wireless Headphone, Nintendo Switch and other USB-C devices.
  • Lightning: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Earpod, Airpod and any other Apple's Lightning devices.
  • Micro-USB: Amazon Kindle, Wireless Headphone, Wireless Mouse, Android Tablet and other Micro-USB devices.

Deciding between Zeus-X Go and Zeus-X Go Ultra depends on your tech needs and lifestyle. 

Zeus-X Go with USB 3.0, 240W power delivery, is ideal for everyday users - it's perfect for quick charging and easy data transfers for activities like backing up your phone or transferring photos and regular files quickly up to 5Gbps. (20 x Faster than USB2.0)

Zeus-X Go Ultra, equipped with the superior USB 3.1 Gen 2, not only provides the same powerful charging but also skyrockets your data transfer speed to 10Gbps(40x Faster than USB2.0). This makes it perfect for tech enthusiasts, photographers, videographers, and anyone frequently transferring large files or using screen mirroring on a portable USB-C monitor. (DP Atl-Mode Technology)

It's like upgrading from a speedy car to a supercar: both will get you there, but one gets you there faster and with more thrill.


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Have too many cables?

what if you have one cable to rule them all?

Introducing Zeus-X Go, the World's Fastest 6-IN-1 Keychain cable

switch within seconds

one cable for all devices

Truly the cable to rule them all.
Fast charge any devices on the market with :

• USB to Lightning
• USB to USB-C
• USB to Micro-USB
• USB-C to USB-C
• USB-C to Lightning
• USB-C to Micro-USB

ultimate cable for any situation

World's fastest keychain cable

Zeus-X GO Ultra allows USB-C to USB-C ultra fast charging up to 240W and iPhone fast charging up to 30W. It even fast charges laptop and other devices.

Transfer large files in seconds

Zeus-X GO Ultra supports up to 10Gbps allowing you to transfer large files such as 4K videos in seconds. No more waiting for your files to transfer.

4k 60fps screen mirror

with dp alt mode. currently also supports iPhone 15 pro

Android auto & Apple carplay

intelligent charging

with e-mark smartchip protects your devices while charging and data transfer.

premium build

with zinc alloy, made to impress and last a lifetime